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Guide to Love Bites (hickie)
Love bites can be a lot of fun if you know how to do it right. Find out more about how you can introduce love bites into your love making program. What to do and what not to do.
Top 10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Love Life
Here are some simple yet effective ideas on what you can do to spice up your love life both on and off the bed. Try these tips and you are sure to fire things up!
Teasing Your Lover in Public - Casting a Love Spell
Find out how you can tease and seduce your lover when you are out in the public; like while out in a restaurant eating dinner. He would be itching to go home.
How to Talk Dirty to Your Hubby or Boyfriend?
Most men love dirty talk in the bedroom but are mostly shy to admit it. Here are some simple tips on how you can introduce dirty talking in the bedroom.
Spanking Can be a Lot of Fun - Here's How
If you have not yet experimented with spanking, here's your chance to get started. Spanking is a great way to enhance your love making experience in a major way.
Sensual Massage Idea for Couples
A sensual massage can not only help your body relax from stress, but also enhance your libido. Here's how to go about it.
Roleplay Costumes - Live Out Your Fantasies
Roleplay is a great way to bring variety into the bedroom. Here are some costume ideas for a hot roleplay.
Lingerie - What Color to Wear?
Lingerie is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. But what color of lingerie should you be wearing? Here's some insight.
Romantic Game Ideas for Couples
There are a host of bedroom games for adults that can help them get closer to each other in a fun way. Here are a few fun ideas for romantic games.
Lap Dance - Tips for Getting Started
Wondering how to give a lap dance? A lap dance is the ultimate way to pleasure a man and if you like to dance then why not?

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